Live Nation & Gold Dust Presents
Gold Dust
with Charlotte Plank, AR/CO
Charlotte Plank
If MGMT met Daft Punk at a dusty desert rave, you’d be stepping straight into the enigmatic and infectious soundscape of AR/CO. A whimsical cross-section where escapism meets reality, straight from the imaginations of Mali-Koa and Leo Stannard. 
AR/CO, an eternal haze of sun beams over red rocks, a place where inhibitions are best left at the door. You're invited to leave behind the remnants of a planet in tatters, and encouraged to disappear into a new age. 
Picked as exciting new-comers in the electro scene, the spirit of AR/CO gravitates around fun and freedom - a true celebration of life and global community! In a world reimagined, we see an international sound come together with a modern take on the British-Australian sonic, and ties to the duo’s Maori and Trinidadian heritage. 

AR/CO welcomes you to set your worries aside, take a leap and step into the new age, trailblazing with their infectious dance hits!