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About Us


 Here at Colours Hoxton, everyone and anyone is welcome and because of this EVERYONE has the right to FEEL welcome! As Gaga once said “No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian or transgender life, I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive,” and here at Colours we want to ensure a safe space for anyone who identifies or appears different. Afterall, what is normal? Overrated, that’s what it is!

Our team are trained in pronouns and are always encouraged to use inclusive language, but if they make a mistake, they urge you to correct them. We are constantly fighting for a world where everyone is equal, and are open to constructive feedback, so if there is anything you’d like to tell us, please get in touch.

Now put those high-heels on (or not – we don’t judge!) turn up the music and DANCE! 

our story

Colours is Hoxton Square’s new multi-arts bar and club.
We are here to prove there’s still a creative heartbeat and soul to East London…you just have to know where to look.


A live music venue has been operating on this site for over a hundred years – this is not something we take lightly! Come soak up this history – years of gigs, parties, music and seminal moments in culture and help us make some new ones.

Our 300-capacity live music room will continue this legacy with a stellar line up of gigs and club-nights programmed in collaboration with fellow multi-arts spaces Village Underground and EartH. Showcasing local and global artists on the cusp of stardom, alongside underplays from established acts, the venue will house a top of the range D&B Audiotechnik PA System, bringing the hottest in Nu Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Electro Pop, and R’n’B to East London.

Night time will see a selection of genre-spanning club nights with residencies from LGBTQ+ Bollywood powerhouse HUNGAMA; London’s most inclusive clubnight Pxssy Palace; house & techno party Naturalia, femme-led immersive theatre collective Shotgun Carousel and lots more!